Developer Guide


This developer guide is intended to be used by java web application developers.

you should be knowing the following before starting off on developing mycloudportal.

    • Java programming knowledge
    • web application technologies starting with jsp, servlets, BOs, DAOs etc
    • web application frameworks such as spring and hibernate.
    • workflow frameworks such as JBPM
    • basic user interface technologies  such as DWR, AJAX, jquery, javascript, html, dhtml & css
    • deploying, developing and debugging web apps.
    • server technologies such as apache, tomcat etc
    • databases such as mysql and sql commands
    • basic version control systems such as SVN or Git

You will start off very quickly if you know the following in addition to the previous knowledge.

    • spring ROO
    • Git & GitHub
    • maven & ant
    • STS - Spring eclipse based IDE
    • cloud APIs such as typica, vcloud or jcloud
    • virtualization technologies such as KVM, XEN, vmware, libvirt
    • cloud technologies such as eucalyptus, openstack, AWS etc

MyCloudPortal is a simple java web application :

MyCloudPortal is a simple java web application using Spring & Hibernate. Although this should work in any J2EE container , It has been tested on Tomcat 6.x and MySQL 5.x .

The portal uses the following tools & libraries :

    • For UI: HTML, CSS and JS
    • For UX : JSP, JQuery and DWR is used
    • Spring is the overall framework
    • Hibernate is the ORM
    • for RAD: it uses Spring ROO
    • MySQL is the database.
    • it uses various cloud libraries depending on the needs to connect to a particular cloud
      • for starters:  jClouds, Typica, vCloud API.
    • Tomcat is used as the Servlet container