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Getting Started

The development machine needs to a decent >2 GB RAM , latest processor and couple of GBs of hard disk, assuming you will run a database, app server and an IDE all at the same time.

The operating system can be anything which can run java 1.6, STS 3 IDE, MySQL 5 database, tomcat 6 & git bash.

Following are the steps to start developing MyCloudPortal

    1. set up Git/SmartGit locally, explained here.
    2. fork the main development repo from , explained here.
    3. download mysql database from and set it up locally, explained here.
    4. execute the mycp.ddl.sql & then the mycp.dml.sql in your sql prompt. these files are found in the downloaded sources of MyCloudPortal as explained here.
    5. download and install Apache Tomcat 6.x from and , explained here.
    6. set up Spring Roo, go into your downloaded sources and build it using "perform package", as explained here.
    7. import the project as maven project into STS, explained here.
    8. setup the tomcat server in your IDE for hot deployment, explained here.
    9. setup the needed builders and fileSync plugin in STS IDE, explained here.
    10. clean and deploy mycloudportal webapp into tomcat, explained here.