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common errors & faqs


While deploying my-cloud-portal, the following are the commons errors and exceptions you may encounter. Thanks again to tawfaq zidi for his documentation.

Building cloud-portal WAR


During this stage we used two commands "perform clean" and "perform package" to resolve my- cloud-portal’s dependencies using maven that handles downloading needed jars for the deployment of the project. At the first execution of the command perform package we note an exception due to a dead link (403 forbidden) of Jboss reposity as illustrated in the following screenshot.

The solution is to update the pom.xml with the new Jboss reposity we remove this part:





 To insert this tag:





We retry the two commands. Then we import the project with STS and we try to manually resolve the remaining dependencies. For that we will need to download and add the two jars in the url specified in the build-path of the project:

• Dwr-3.0.jar

• jbpm-4.4.jar

Then in build-path settings we try to change jars versions:

• mail-1.4.1.jar TO mail-1.4.jar in

• activation-1.1.jar TO activation-1.1.1.jar to

Retry perform clean and perform package and normally you will not have any more exception to that level and the console will display a build success.

Tomcat Configuration


For this project we are using apache-tomcat-6.0.36 and when preparing our work environment we must pay attention to these two steps on creating our Tomcat server.

Make sure that the URL is the ROOT directory server that we just created on STS and that directory is empty


After doing a clean and build project on STS we should have my-cloud-portal output files on ROOT directory:

You should remove the slf4j-jdk-1.5.2.jar from the lib directory of the project

Consequently it will be necessary to move the jars Juel-api-2.2.1.jar Juel-engine-2.1.0.jar and Juel-impl-2.2.1.jar from the lib directory of the project to the lib directory of the Tomcat server that is currently used.

OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

Once all starting up in Tomcat you can have an OutOfMemoryError as shown in this next screenshot

The solution will be in two steps. First try clearing the server’s webapps directory


If the exception still exists add this code line in

After making all these changes and restarting Tomcat try to open the project URL in your browser and you will get my-cloud-portal Main Page as shown on this screenshot bellow