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Install & enabling mysql :


Ø For fedora:

Just type those commands below:


ü  yum -y install mysql-server

ü  /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysqld start

ü  chkconfig mysqld on


Ø For  Ubuntu:


Ø  sudo apt-get install -y mysql-server

2. Setting password for the database :

Ø  For Ubuntu:

Password must be entered while installing the package:

(Don’t forget your password because in most of time if you lose it you lose you life)

Ø  for fedora:

type those commands below:


ü  mysql –uroot

ü  mysql> set password=password(“secret”);                   # secret is the password you choose for the database

ü  mysql> exit


Now you have installed Mysql Database

Setup lower case tables names

NOTE: Make sure your mysql installation is case insensitive by adding the below line into my.cnf file

lower_case_table_names= 1

Setup mycp schema : 

One the database is up and running, open up a mysql shell and run the mycloudportal related sql files to create the schema and populate it with initial data.

Create mycp schema 

ü  Create the mycp database in MySQL using its shell.

Execute DDL script

ü  read through the mycp.ddl.sql file and follow the instructions there.

you will need to import the latest mysqldump  file and then execute the scripts in .dml file

execute DML script

ü  Then execute the sql commands in " mycp.dml.sql" file found in root of the mycloudportal sources and commit.

check tables

ü  The "show tables" should show the above 45 tables created.