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Downloading the sources from GitHub

Create a free account on GitHub, and log in.

Go to the main mycloudportal page on GitHub.

      2. make sure you have selected the development branch
      3. and click on fork.

you get to see the Forking in process page.

after completion of the forking process, you get to see the fork in your login. notice the chnages at the url, <your username/ mycp> and your git URL.

open smartgit locally and click on Project-->clone

paste your repo URL from your account at GitHub

enter the path where you would like the sources to be downloaded. click next.

enter your projectName and click finish.

you will see smartgit is downloading teh sources now.

finally , you will see that the project is setup on smartgit. notice that the newly downloaded sources are from the development branch where you WILL NEED to do development.

the master branch is for production usage.

The steps to follow for development and collaboration is .

      1. you create another branch on "development" & implement some new functionality.
      2. after testing, you merge it into "development" and push it to the remote.
      3. after that , you will send out a pull request on GitHub.
      4. the new code will be pulled into "development"  branch at and tested.
      5. if all is well , the changes are moved into "master" branch @

NOTE: But if you have your own process of development, just follow it and push your chnages to your forked repo and send us a "pull" request.

Once the sources are in place, we shall build the project and import it into STS IDE. To build the project , follow the next tutorial on setting up Spring ROO and building the mycloudportal project using maven.