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Setup MySQL database

Mysql database

Download and install mysql-5.1.65-winx64.msi from

Mysql workbench (optional)

Download and install mysql-workbench-gpl-5.2.43-win32 from

You also need to install the dependents of workbench  

Installation instructions for mysql is explained at

NOTE: Make sure your mysql installation is case insensitive by adding the below line into my.cnf file

lower_case_table_names= 1

Setup mycp schema

One the database is up and running, open up a mysql shell and run the mycloudportal related sql files to create the schema and populate it with initial data.

create the mycp database in MySQL using its shell.

read through the mycp.ddl.sql file and follow the instructions there.
you will need to import the latest mysqldump  file and then execute the scripts in .dml file

then execute the sql commands in " mycp.dml.sql" file found in root of the mycloudportal sources and commit.

the "show tables" should show the above 45 tables created.