start developing a new module

start developing a new module:

first, create the needed db entities in mysql database.

second , go to the spring roo command prompt and execute the following commands to do DB reverse engineering.

database introspect --schema no-schema-required

>> this should give out the entire schema info as xml.

if not , you will need to add the mysql connector thro the foll command.

osgi  start --url file:///C:/Users/charu/.m2/repository/mysql/mysql-connector-java/5.1.18/mysql-connector-java-5.1.18.jar

then execute the introspect command again.

database introspect --schema no-schema-required

then execute the revere engineer command as below , make sure you give the exact package of the domain objects

database reverse engineer --schema mycp  --excludeTables jbpm4_* --package in.mycp.domain

then if you want to add any finders,

finder list --class ~.domain.AccountLog --depth 2 --filter findAccountLogsBYUserIdAnd

to list all first level finders

finder list --class ~.domain.AccountLog

adding a finder to the domain object

finder add --finderName findAccountLogsByUserIdAndTimeOfEntryGreaterThan